Our history simply began with a mission of educating pet owners to become better pet parents. Through research and eyewitness testimony, we realized that many precious pet lives are lost in preventable accidents. Our experience with pets and pet owners brought us to a solid conclusion that most pet owners lack the awareness of first aid knowledge and skills. Thus, many pets tragically lost their lives before professional veterinary help is available. Pets are often unpredictable, so do emergencies situations. It can happen during off hours when veterinary clinics are closed, or even at the swift moment pet owners turn their attention away from their pets.

As a result, PetMedic is born. Today, we provide top notch pet first aid education to ensure all pet lovers know what to do during those crucial life-saving moments. Our highly qualified instructor is a certified pet first aid trainer with more than 6 years of experience transforming many pet lovers to pet heroes. Our high-quality pet first aid kit is specifically designed to deliver effective life-saving treatment before getting your pet to a veterinarian. At PetMedic, we not only aim to transform pet lovers into pet heroes, but also more responsible, caring, and loving pet parents.

Excellent feedback from past participants motivated us to help more pet owners in need. Now, pet owners are more confident than ever in ensuring their pets are healthy and safe, at the same time enjoy longer, healthier companionship with their pets. PetMedic continues to be the number 1 pet first aid academy so that your furry friends can count on you to be the hero they deserve.



Dr. Lee Wai Wai
Founder & Certified Pet First Aid Instructor

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