Professional Pet First Aid Kit (Army) – Limited Edition



Content Includes:
• Tweezer x1
• Scissors x1
• Adhesive tape x1
• Bandage triangulaire x1
• Sterile gauze x2
• Alcohol pad x10
• Q-Tip x1
• Iodine 30ml x1
• Crepe bandage x2
• Saline solution 15ml x4
• Vaseline x1
• Sterile glove x2
• Whistle x1
• Knife card x1
• Adhesive dressing x2
• Tourniquet x1
• Thermometer x1
• Tongue depressor x4
• Heat blanket x1
• Instant ice pack x1
• Flashlight x1
• Wipes x2
• Eye ointment x1
• Syringe 1ml x1
• Syringe 3ml x1
• Cohesive bandage x1

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A pet first aid kit is an essential tool you must have to assist you in the hour of need! PetMedic’s Pet First Aid Kit is specifically designed with high quality materials to ensure it is durable, water-resistant, and portable. A good pet first aid kit helps to deliver effective life-saving treatment before getting your pet to a veterinarian. So grab yours now!