(2nd Series) Cat Emergency Handbook – Manual on Managing Wounds and Fracture


A Manual on Managing Wounds & Fracture (41 Pages)

Learn how to perform first aid tasks in the case of managing cat wounds and fracture.

Content includes:
1) First Aid Kit
– List of items within a pet first aid kit

2) Introduction: Shock
– How to handle the animal when it goes to shock?

3) How to Use Tourniquet?
– A guideline to use a tourniquet on severe wounds

4) Safely Restraint & Handling
– Methods of restraint & moving the animal

5) How to Stop Bleeding?
– Causes and treatment for bleeding wounds

6) Wound Care Management
– Practical guide to bandage & manage different types of wound

7) How to Splint Limb?
– First aid techniques on splinting a fractured limb

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